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H.G. Anba Bassilios

If someone visits St. Samuel monastery, he will see the natural mountains around the monastery and will also feel that many souls of saints are around him. This gives a feeling of internal comfort and happiness.

In fact our church includes not only the Christians alive now but also the pure souls of Christians who have left the flesh.

The souls of those Saints who abandoned the material world for God's sake and chose the poor and hard life in the desert apart from all the delights and pleasures of the world and the away from all the temptations and enjoyments of worldly life. Those souls are not far from us but so near.

We can sense them and sometimes God opens our eyes to see them, they are working in the field of our lord Jesus Christ till now and forever.

Through the great long history of St. Samuel Monastery there lived many such pure souls.

We ask God to bless the monastery and give all his visitors the heavenly blessing.

H.G. Bishop Bassilios, Abbot of the Monastery 


About the monastery

St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Monastery in the Kalamoun Mountain, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Bassilios