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1. Life at St. Samuel Monastery
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... Mountain. The grounds are large and include five churches, housing for the monks, a guesthouse, gardens and various buildings to service the community, such as an infirmary and structures where monks perform ...
2. St. Samuel the Confessor
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
... a week at a time. He was ordained a priest over the church of St. Macarius in Scete. An envoy came to the desert carrying Leo's Tome (2) and when the envoy read it to the elders, Abba Samuel became zealous, ...
3. Introduction
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... and happiness. In fact our church includes not only the Christians alive now but also the pure souls of Christians who have left the flesh. The souls of those Saints who abandoned the material world ...
4. St. Andrews the Samuelite
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
... sat under the church instructor, and he acquired the church rituals, chantings and hymns at the hands one of the monks named "Ibrahim El Fayoumy". No sooner did ten years pass than he complete his learning. ...
5. History of the Monastery
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... Abu-Salih the Armenian reported that: There is a spacious church named after the pure Virgin Mary. There is a large Garden. There are four towers and twelve chapels. Outside the monastery there is a cave ...
6. Abba Ghalion the Anchorite
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
... hours of prayers. None of the monasterys monks memorized the hymns as he did. The antagonist enemy put up a plot for him and came to him at night while he was leaving his cell heading to the church for ...
7. Abba Missael the Anchorite
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
... all the church rites and memorized the Holy Bible. He was so diligent in praying and fasting that the old monk, his tutor, came to me saying, “The youngster has learned all the church rules because he ...
...   The Catacomb Church: The haikal screen is made of stone blocks. Two steps lead up to the haikal. At the east end of which stands a marble column, 1.05m high.   St. Missael the Anchorite church: The church ...
9. Video Gallery
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Welcome to our Video Gallery, For watching a video, please click on one of the pictures on the right to launch it. Do not forget to scroll down to see more videos.  We wish you spend a nice time with us.  ...

About the monastery

St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Monastery in the Kalamoun Mountain, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Bassilios