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1. Life at St. Samuel Monastery
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The Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor of Kalamoun Mountain is located about 230 kilometers South of Cairo along the Cairo Assiout Western Desert Road. It accessible from Cairo in about 2.5 hours in ...
2. St. Samuel the Confessor
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... thoughts in his heart about the monastic life. One day he found a means to go to the desert of Scete, but he did not know the way. The Angel of the Lord, in the form of a monk, appeared to him and accompanied ...
3. Introduction
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... for God's sake and chose the poor and hard life in the desert apart from all the delights and pleasures of the world and the away from all the temptations and enjoyments of worldly life. Those souls ...
4. History of the Monastery
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... running water, there are many palm trees. El-Makrizi did not mention the twelve Chapels. XVI & XIX Centuries It is not easy to define the time at which the monastery was deserted by the monks. The ...
5. Abba Ghalion the Anchorite
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... him gladly.  He followed them until mid-day. They reached a high mount overlooking the valley of the oases. It was a deserted area with no food or water nor any living creature. They sat, laughing, making ...
... through the desert tracks. It takes about 2.5 hours from Maghagha in Minia Province (60 km. From the monastery) it can also be reached through the Cairo Assiout Western Desert Road (230 km. from Cairo). ...
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About the monastery

St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Monastery in the Kalamoun Mountain, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Bassilios