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1. Life at St. Samuel Monastery
(Website/The Monastery)
The Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor of Kalamoun Mountain is located about 230 kilometers South of Cairo along the Cairo Assiout Western Desert Road. It accessible from Cairo in about 2.5 hours in ...
2. St. Samuel the Confessor
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
He was born in the city of Dakluba, diocese of Masil, from holy parents and he was their only child. Arselaos, his father, who was a priest, saw in a vision at night, a resplendent man telling him, "Your ...
3. Introduction
(Website/The Monastery)
If someone visits St. Samuel monastery, he will see the natural mountains around the monastery and will also feel that many souls of saints are around him. This gives a feeling of internal comfort ...
4. Welcome on St Samuel Monastery Website
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... heaven" Watch a view of the Monastery and the Kalamoun Mountain from a satellite Read the Doxology for St. Samuel the Confessor (in Coptic, Arabic and English) Read the Canticle for St. Samuel the ...
5. History of the Monastery
(Website/The Monastery)
IV Century There is no doubt that in Kalamoun many monks lived here at this site. VII. Century Saint Samuel was the head of the monastery and at his death the monks numbered about 120. XI. Century ...
6. Abba Ghalion the Anchorite
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
  He went to a monastery in the mount of Kalamoun, and dwelt there until he grew old. He had never went out of the door of the monasterys fortress, nor was he escorted by any of the monks except at the ...
7. Abba Missael the Anchorite
(Website/Stories from the Desert)
Anba Isaac the Abbot of Kalamoun Monastery once said: I was in the monastery one Sunday when a young boy of about twelve years old, came to me and said, “My Father Isaac, I ask you to take me as one of ...

About the monastery

St. Samuel Coptic Orthodox Monastery in the Kalamoun Mountain, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Bassilios